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trapped in a cell

it's electrifying and my heart is set on you Another winter wound down, and it's difficult to know where I am centered and what I am supposed to make plans for in the midst of all this happiness. I was thinking of an old post I wrote years ago, I had been reading a lot of poetry where everything was connected to nature, and had been sitting in my backyard watching a waxwing toying with some kind of mayfly, dropping it in midair and catching it again, and I had never seen that before and was fascinated and horrified and maybe that was how I had been treating people and maybe how I had been treated. And overthinking. Oh my god back in those days I was good at overthinking, but if there was anything I was better at than overthinking, it was underthinking. Sometimes (MOSTLY TIMES) I would do things without expending so much as a single brain cell.  I don't have enough of those left to be so careless. So winter is done, and I count it as done. I have one of those rare things - a

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