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Title: "A Journey Beyond the Veil: An Unconventional Elysium Odyssey"

There is no time it is all gone and god forbid that time suddenly appeared from the ether I would look at it, daydream how I might use it to change the world or change a life or change my sweatpants since I work from home and then a few hours later realize I'm not even wearing pants. My mother told me that the older you get, the faster time passes, and lately all I can think is BUT YOU PROMISED.  The title of this post was generated from ChatGPT from a prompt to write a blog post based on a post I had written in 2007 MY GOD THAT WAS HOW LONG AGO HOW DO I STILL FEEL THAT?!? Artificial intelligence decided to write, " She put me off my path, and now the only way back is to drink my way again up the hill, stumbling into the passersby. As I walked through the afterlife, I could hear her walking parallel in the understory. Occasionally, I'd stumble, and there she'd be, sweetly watching over me." SOOO maybe I'm going to avoid AI for awhile, I'm sure it's not

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