Pick 5 2 Things

One of my co-workers had to take off last week as one of her best friends is terminally ill. 

"I don't know if I told you, but she's a veterinarian."


"She has one of those practices where she goes to people's homes when their pets are ready."


She was telling me that because of what she does - and who she is - they were worried she might just decide to say goodbye on her own terms, without saying goodbye to all of us who love love love her so much. So much. 

"I didn't know. I'm so sorry."

"We always complemented each other. She's atheist, and I am very, very Catholic."

I smiled. "I get it."

"She took a rosary from me."

"Oh, I totally get it."

"I don't know how your friend does it, she's a gift. We went through that on Wednesday," I said.


"She just turned 15. We didn't know when it was right. I was told that you should make a list of five things they love. And when they no longer have any interest in two of those things, it's time."

She loved to sit in the sun.

We waited as long as we could. We waited for a sunny, warm day.


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