Is it over yet, seriously, why won't it be over. I can't help but think it's punishment, and for that I am sorry, because everyone else is suffering, too. 

I was sick at home the day the Challenger exploded, I was in upstate New York, and I had the whole house to myself, we only had one television, no cable. 

On 9/11, I was in Manhattan, 56th and Broadway, touring an elementary school as part of a project I was working on. 

Election night 2008, I was in DC, I had to throw in a nice WHERE WERE YOU WHEN memory. 


I deleted my original facebook account years ago, but started another one because I have family all over the country and that's how they like to communicate. Prior to the 2016 election, it was mostly posts of holiday dinners, first steps, graduations, whatnot. It turned into 4 years of embarrassingly disprovable bile, with an occasional pet photo and obituary. 

I was doomscrolling the week of the election, and then weeks afterward. I should have avoided facebook, since most of my family (whom I love btw) has been radicalized. 

I remember where I was on January 6th, 2021. I mostly work from home, and after a morning zoom, found myself in front of the tv stunned and outraged. 

For a painfully short time, there was a merciful, albeit brief, respite from the endless wave of stop-the-steal horseshit. 


I allowed the stress of current events get to me in the last part of the year, and found myself falling into old habits, particularly with alcohol. I am happy to report no booze for the first two weeks of the year, and have already cut 10 pounds. No kidding, did not touch a drop of liquor, even when our nation's capitol was overrun by feces smearing white nationalist conspiracy nut jobs. 

Let's hope for a more forgettable year to come.


Dave2 said…
Amen to that. 2020 was far from the worst year of my existence but I felt it harder… if that makes any sense. I guess that when even the things that you don’t enjoy so much get taken away, it’s increasingly difficult to know if you’re capable of feeling anything any more.

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