5 Pounds from Presidential

So after spending 7 years getting really serious about blogging, I decided to spending 7 years getting really serious about careering, and yes, that sentince is, grammatically incorrect, but nothing has really worked out the way i fantasized. Who could have imagined being a bad father, husband and co-worker would not have resulted in a fairy tale ending.

I mental capsized at the end o' 2018. Heavy drinking, short-tempered, kept crying at the end of every movie, I COULD NOT FIT INTO ANY OF MY PANTS AND EVERY PICTURE MADE ME LOOK LIKE A CABBAGE PATCH DOLL.

Plus all my non-nuclear family members are Trump supporters, so ugh. And on the year anniversary of my dad dying, my puppy lost her eye due to a scratch from the kitten that was my Christmas present.

I quit my executive level job, and wow, income is handy. Plus I quit without anywhere to land, which I have done 4 different times now.

It worked out fine. Not like best adapted screenplay starring Will Smith fine, but normal, real world okay. My wife did get a raise. And my son did get a job. And my daughter did went with me to see Captain Marvel. Wait, AM I WILL SMITH???

Back to the future. For whatever reason, I decided to participate in new year's resolutions, like for real. The way I get funny obsessive kicked in. My daughter sealed the deal. I got a phone app, weighed myself (I won't say how much I weighed but it was 200 pounds, and although I have a very tall opinion of myself, I was like 5 pounds from presidential.)

On January 1, I went for a 20-minute run. I consumed 1355 calories. I gave up drinking DURING THE WEEK (I'm not giving up drinking). I am running a 5k every day, or snowboarding, or on a few occasions, recovering. I have to run with knee braces on both legs, and a back brace on both...backs? I have checked into the phone app 83 consecutive days, and after all of this am happy to report that my BMI has confirmed what I always strove for, 'I AM OKAY.' (166 pounds)

My daughter and I went snowboarding and then a 7 mile run the next day and I didn't drink alcohol even though it was Saturday. I somehow gained 2 pounds even though all I ate was oatmeal, 3 cups of broccoli and dandelion tea, but it must just be the sheer weight of contentedness.

Like I said, it's not like a Disney, blue skies, birds landing all on top of you ending, but it will do.


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