Now Kiss

I always thought our exceptionalism was in fighting for right in a world full of wrong, but maybe I'm wr-- mistaken.

So, if there are any lessons I have learned in the past few years, it's that I have to pace myself. Ten months after back surgery, I took my daughter snowboarding. I am now running on a semi-regular basis. I have eased into shoes with laces. I am holding back with all the patience of an acute care center when it comes to politics. But

here is a photo of a hooded merganser

We are well beyond shaming each into concession by way of demonstrated hypocrisy. There is simply no consequence for faulty logic, Lysistrata went red four times out of ten. What do I know, I am no beacon of light

here is a northern pintail pair

Our individual suffering will not be recorded in history, maybe there will be a general angst noted 50 years from now, some of us alive then might recall the great embarrassment. A century from now we will remember it as well as we do the events of 1913.

If nothing else, at least we can blame our broken hearts on current events and not radio silence or rainy street flower vendors (the worst kind).


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