I felt my age this morning. I looked my age this morning. In my defense, anyone who downed as much scotch the night before would nary of looked the better. So I ran to clear my head in the cold, winter air. For company, I took a catalog of memories. Folks are always imagining what one book they'd have with them were they to wash ashore a desert isle. I would have my diary, or if it didn't offend the rules, a photo album.

Unless of course I were in the middle of a good read, and then I would just take that, lest I make my own unsatisfying ending. Oh, agony of an unfinished book. May it never befall thee.

On the last day of my thirties, I woke at 5 and worked until 8 in the evening. I do not love my job more than my family, but I do love my job. It took me to see Jenny, after all, where we continued our Tequilacon revival/conclusion plans in a casino of all places. She had me grease the already greasy wheels of the piano man, who rewarded us with an instrumental of Journey's “Don't Stop Believin.” I WON'T.

Oh, this year. I feel like it's trying to tell me, “I know I've been awfully hard on love of late, but in 2013 I resolve to be less of a miser. After all, resolve rearranges to RELOVES, or E-LOVERS. That makes no sense. This is why no one talks to calendars. Where are you going? I WILL NOT BE IGNORED.”

Four people who have showed me naught but kindness since our paths crossed electronically have made life affirming commitments and I am beyond happy. So much everloving good. Keep it up, universe.

So, I got home, just a few hours short of 40, and the liquor case was filled, there were board games on the table, a bouquet of flowers, a supper. We competed amiably. We retired to the couches and watched a John Hughes flick. I eased into the next chapter and set the book down by my nightstand.

I played poker with friends the next day, and on Sunday had family over. I was gifted a new camera, more whiskey and a bottle of Lagavulin, enough of which will be flasked so as not to make Shari wroth. 

And at the end, I toasted Alex. She made all of this happen. Has been doing that for god knows why and how long. She smiled her radiant heaven kissed smile, blessed the laity and shook the stardust from my pillow. I felt my age this morning. I looked it. It has been a long time coming.


Dave2 said…
I'm thinking it was probably "The Breakfast Club."
Brandon said…
Planes, Trains and Automobiles. My kids had never seen it, and it seemed the right choice with how I was on the road for my wife's birthday. Ooops.
Angella said…
Hi, birthday twin. I thought about you in the midst of my festivities and hoped all was well.

You have Alex, so of course it was.

Tequilacon revived? I trust you to let me know the details.
jenny said…
Happy 40th, my friend. Such a treat to see you! Let's have all our reunions at casino piano bars.
Brandon said…
angella, happy birthday to you, too! i think tcon may just be a dream, but if that changes, the world shall feel our velocity.

jenny, how did it take us this long to know the genius of the casino piano bar?
Sarah said…
Happy birthday! If you need any help with that alcohol I can send Vahid up there. I don't even need him back any time soon.
Sarah said…
Happy Birthday, Old Friend. And I do mean old.
Iron Fist said…
So is casino piano bar the theme for the next TequilaCon? I'll notify the guys in Marketing and Wardrobe to get the ball rolling on that.
Brandon said…
sarah, i am happy to enter into a joint custody arrangement.

sarah, like a fine boxed wine.

vahid, just don't roll the ball to me, my hips and back can't take the added stress.
eclectic said…
Happy (belated now) Birthday, B! Welcome to the grown-ups' club, and thanks for saving some Lagavulin. Mostly, I hope your birthday opened the door to a wonderful year ahead of you.

I'm beyond envy -- went directly to pouting & self-pity -- of your trip to Chicago & seeing Jenny. IT'S NOT FAIR!

Now, if there's to be shared custody of Vahid, I'm putting in my bid for Wenatchee's share, and will throw in a Costco-size bottle of Jamesons as incentive for cooperation.

I miss you. Let the Enchantments lottery begin!

Brandon said…
k - thanks!

shari - i have a feeling this year i know the dates to pick for the enchantments lottery.
Summer said…
In two years, you'll have your most handsome birthday ever. Meanwhile, I suppose you'll have to settle for looking your age.

I'm glad life is treating you well. Most happiness to you.
Brandon said…
summer, i will have to take your word for it. more happiness back to you.
Claire said…
Happy Birthday, Brandon! May turning 40 herald excellent things ahead!

Belated best wishes to you. :)

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