it is nearly 9

it is nearly 9 pm, what am i to do with this
is it enough to decry the injustice of it all
in a strongly worded comment
if it isn't a distraction from all this hard
won order for which we've fought
am i to use this as a conversation starter
and interrupt my children's
afternoon privacy, hard won from
all their public schooling, and
wonder at their sweet and youthful play
or does this call for firmer action
of boycotts and demonstrations
outside capitols and public squares
on rain soaked pavement
now that it is damn near 10


Dave2 said…
Order... maybe. But seems like chaos to me.

It's been this way for a long time now. And sometimes I wonder if boycotting humanity is the answer.
Brandon said…
i keep hearing that we are slowly moving to the right side of history. what an interesting place that will eventually be, however long from now.
Kerri Anne said…
I like this prose-ish poetic form you've employed here, sir. Very much so.

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